Jul 29, 2014

Readers Say the Darndest Things

A roundup of our editors' favorite comments on stories from the past week.

Readers Say the Darndest Things Readers Say the Darndest Things

We love reader comments -- funny, serious, provocative, heartfelt. Here are some of the best from last week, as selected by Patch editors...

I felt it at my girlfriend's house in Irvine. My wife in Las Flores felt it too.

– Charles, commenting on .

That is one Ugly dude man and we have to feed him for that many years? doesn't make sense ...human waste like this...

– Dusty W. Otero on the so-called .

This Ralphs is nice looking enough, but its too big, it's a ten pound load of feces squeezed into a four pound bag area.

– Jeff S., discussing a in San Clemente.

Alan had no way of defending himself from any attack. That someone could be this angry...to attack a person in a wheelchair, is unbelievable!

– Sandy Asper, commenting on an assault in Newport Beach.

I'm definitely bracing for those magnitude one quakes, they would be a disaster for my game of Jenga.

– Alberto Barrera, reacting to .

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