20 Aug 2014
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Why Councilwoman Rhonda Reardon has a TRUST issue and SHOULD not seek re-election!

Why Councilwoman Rhonda Reardon has a TRUST issue and SHOULD not seek re-election!
One of the reasons Mission Viejo voters should NOT re-elect Councilwoman RHONDA REARDON appears to be crystal clear: INCOMPETENCE! Please view the video segment from the 02/17/2014 MV City Council Meeting agenda item # 20 regarding accountability of the ITF tennis tournament when the MV City Council under the leadership of former mayor Rhonda Reardon approved a budget $ 55,000 to host the tournament and the final cost was over 1/4 Million Dollars @ an additional $ 100,000 of our hard earned tax payers dollars. (approximate time frame on the video 04:15:01 to 04:20:55) What is even more interesting or disturbing is that during an earlier agenda item # 14 for the Pavion Park Rehab (CIP 303) Reardon makes a in-depth reference to her "grandchildren" and the park. (approximate time frame on the video 02:33:25 to 02:39:45). The real problem with that statement is that RHONDA REARDON has NO children NOR grandchildren. There are many other areas of serious concern and here is just one more example: Rhonda Reardon (who is up for re-election in November) along w/ councilmembers Ury & Leckness apparently passed three (3) actions to change the Mission Viejo Housing Authority (“MVHA”) policy which enabled the applicants to qualify to purchase apartments at the “The Ridge” Development which includes taxpayer-subsidized “low income” units. If that is the case then why shall Mission Viejo voters TRUST RHONDA REARDON to represent them 4 more years? Please view attached link for reference: http://missionviejo.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=12&clip_id=1296

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