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5 Strangest Bear Incidents of 2012

The presence of bears in the hillsides of Monrovia is a given but their behavior remains unpredictable. Here are the five strangest things they've done this year.

5 Strangest Bear Incidents of 2012

These aren't your garden variety bear incidents. Tell a local resident that bears were seen swimming in a pool or knocking down trash cans and expect to be met with a yawn. But the following five incidents show that life with wildlife can still surprise:

5. Bears Opening Car Doors?

A hillside resident told Patch this month that a bear has figured out how to open her car door and even broke in to a vehicle when it had no food in it. If a bear learns how to hot-wire the ignition and cruise around town, then we'll have a problem.

4. Free Bears. Get 'em While They're Hot.

A resident with a sense of humor posted a sign in front of a home in August advertising "Free Bears." However, those hoping to stock up on bears for the winter were likely disappointed; the sign specified a limit of three free bears per person.

3. Bear Raids Refrigerator for Pork Loin Steaks

Former Monrovia Mayor Lara Larramendi had an unwelcome house guest in August, and the furry intruder helped itself to "4 boneless pork loin steaks that were for dinner and the BBQ sauce was next to it."

2. Unsophisticated Bear Eats Cat Food

Apparently unaware that pork loin feasts are to be had at the Larramendi household, a bear settled for a meal of cat food after breaking into a Monrovia home in July. Then it came back later and ate some cat food on the porch.

1. Bear Gets Pepper-Sprayed

First the bear harasses some local nuns, then it gets pepper-sprayed. If you don't believe it, there's video proof.

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