Jul 25, 2014
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City: Banish Stray Shopping Carts With Your iPhone

Monrovia is advocating the use of an iPhone app that lets you snap a picture of abandoned shopping carts and report them.

City: Banish Stray Shopping Carts With Your iPhone

See a beat up, rusty old shopping cart collecting dust on your street? Well grab your iPhone and take a picture of it.

CartSnap, a new iPhone app, lets residents report stray shopping carts directly to the California Shopping Cart Retrieval Service, according to the Monrovia city website. The app records the GPS location of the cart and lets users participate in contests to earn incentives, according to CartSnap.

In addition to using CartSnap, Monrovia residents can also report abandoned carts directly to the the CSRS online.

Monrovia that restricts where shopping carts can be taken in the city.

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