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Earth Day Activities: What to Do on Earth Day 2012

Sunday, April 22 is Earth Day -- how will you honor Mother Earth?

Earth Day Activities: What to Do on Earth Day 2012

Show Mother Earth your appreciation by adopting five easy green habits in honor of Earth Day.

Ditch the packaging: Challenge yourself and reduce your consumption of packaged and processed foods. In Michael Pollan’s book,  In Defense of Food, he talks about how in today's times we are consuming more “edible food-like substances” that aren’t products of nature—but of food science.

Visit a like the one held in Old Town every week and aim to consume more fresh fruits instead of canned, dried or frozen ones. Instead of eating bread or pasta as your main source of carbs, eat whole grain rice, quinoa, or root vegetables like sweet potatoes. Remember to eat more single ingredient foods -- for example, an apple -- instead of something comprised of many ingredients -- like bread, which is often a combination of flour, hidden sugars and other preservatives.

Visit a thrift store: Clean out your closet or garage and take stuff to donate to the thrift store. Instead of creating more waste, other people may be able to benefit from the items that you can't use anymore. In The Story of Stuff, Anne Leonard talks about the overconsumption and production of stuff in our society that leads to many environmental issues such as deforestation and too much waste.

Instead of always buying new things, browse thrift stores for used items that may come in handy—or visit recycled clothing boutiques like for some clothes and accessories.

Switch to receiving your bills through online statements and make online payments:  Nearly all bills from credit cards to utilities can now be paid online. Take the time today to actually make the switch, which can help save tons of ink and paper in the long run (and keep you from organizing stacks of paper).

Cut your shower time: By simply cutting five minutes, you can save up to 12.5 gallons of water (which can can be up to 4,500 gallons a year). Use this shower calculator to see how much water and energy you use during your showers!

Or make a craft. Or shoot some hoops—try to think of what our ancestors did before modern technology such as computers, TVs and smartphones existed … and just go out, get moving and do it!

In a gist, Earth Day is a time to take pause and appreciate the Try implementing these simple actions into your daily routine, and make an effort to live more responsibly and consciously every day!

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