23 Aug 2014
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Police Blotter: Put Down That Baby and Put Your Hands Up

This week a man told police to shoot him while he held his baby, a home invasion robbery occurred on East Chestnut Avenue, and a bicyclist got bike-jacked. Read on for more.

Police Blotter: Put Down That Baby and Put Your Hands Up

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The weekend's highlighted issues and events:

Grand Theft From a Vehicle

July 12 at 9:47 a.m., a theft from a vehicle was reported in the 200 block of West Palm. The victim parked her vehicle in the rear parking area of her complex for the evening. She is unsure if she locked the vehicle. She returned to the vehicle in the morning and discovered her work laptop was missing. There were no signs of a break-in. Investigation continuing.

Commercial Burglary

July 12 at 2:36 p.m., an officer was dispatched to a business in the 1600 block of South Mountain regarding a commercial burglary. A male and female suspect had stolen merchandise from the Glendora location of the business. The items taken were two bathroom faucets. The suspects were in a silver Chevy Impala with tinted windows. The two suspects showed up at the Monrovia store and were trying to return the stolen merchandise. Loss prevention personnel from the Monrovia store called police to report the suspects were in a vehicle leaving out the main entrance. An officer responded, but the vehicle had already left the location. The female suspect had returned the items and was given store credit. She had presented her driver license at the time of the return. An officer completed a want for the female suspect that was entered into the computer system. Investigation continuing.

Grand Theft

July 12 at 3:37 p.m., a robbery occurred at a business parking lot in the 300 block of West Huntington. The victim was placing groceries in the trunk of her vehicle when the suspect approached her on a bicycle. He asked her if she knew of a video store nearby. The victim turned to look and point at a video store across the parking lot, and when she turned to look back at the suspect, she saw him take her wallet out of her open purse, which was in the front of the shopping cart. The suspect rode away on the bicycle, south on Magnolia. The suspect is described as a 16 or 17-year-old male White with red hair, freckles, wearing a light blue t-shirt and jeans. Investigation continuing.

Injury Traffic Collision - Vehicle vs. Pedestrian

July 12 at 6:51 p.m., officers responded to the 800 block of South California regarding a traffic collision with injuries. A 16-year-old male was riding his bike east on Walnut, approaching California, when he entered onto California without making the stop or checking northbound traffic. He collided with a vehicle traveling north on California. The juvenile sustained some bruises and abrasions, and he bumped his head. He was taken to a hospital for treatment.

Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol - Suspect Arrested

July 13 at 2:27 a.m., an officer stopped a vehicle in the 2200 block of South Myrtle Avenue for speeding, and the driver was found to be under the influence of alcohol and drugs. He was also driving with a suspended license and has two prior incidents of driving under the influence. The driver was arrested.

Stolen Vehicle

July 13 at 8:27 a.m., a vehicle was reported stolen from the 1300 block of Monterey.  The victim parked her 1992, four-door, burgundy Honda Civic on the street in the evening. She returned to it the next morning and found it missing.  The victim locked the vehicle, but the front passenger door on the vehicle does not lock. Investigation continuing.

Grand Theft Auto

July 13 at 5:10 p.m., a vehicle was reported stolen from the 600 block of West Lemon. The victim left for work at 6:30 a.m. in the morning and left his 2006, black Isuzu Ascender parked in the driveway. All of the doors were locked and a club steering lock was in place. He returned home at 5:10 p.m. and found the vehicle was missing. There was no broken glass on the driveway.  Investigation continuing.

Vehicle Burglary

July 13 at 10:32 p.m., a vehicle burglary was reported in the 100 block of West Lemon. The victim parked her vehicle in the parking garage of her apartment complex and locked it. When she returned to her vehicle, she found the passenger side rear window down and her garage clicker and wallet were missing from the center console. The victim reported that her window was broken and could be slid down easily. Investigation continuing.

Strong-Arm Robbery - Suspect Arrested

July 14 at 12:22 a.m., an officer responded to a strong-arm robbery that occurred at Mayflower and Huntington. The victim was on his bicycle waiting for the light to change when approached by a suspect who told him to give him his bicycle. When the victim asked why he should give him the bicycle, the suspect pushed the victim off the bike, causing him to fall to the ground. The suspect then fled westbound on the bicycle. Officers arrived and spotted the suspect on the bike, but he was able to elude them. Officers continued searching the area and eventually found him behind a business in Arcadia. The suspect was positively identified by the victim. He was arrested and taken into custody.

Theft From a Vehicle

July 14 at 3:42 p.m., a vehicle theft was reported in the 200 block of East Scenic. The victim parked his vehicle on the street in front of his residence at 1:30 a.m. He returned to the vehicle at 12:30 p.m. the next day and found the center console and glove compartment open. He reported a brown leather wallet missing from the center console containing identification and a debit card.  Other miscellaneous items were taken from the glove box. The windows were left rolled down about two inches and the victim may have left the vehicle unlocked. Investigation continuing.

Child Endangerment - Suspect Arrested

July 15 at 4:24 p.m., a male and female subject arrived at a business in the 700 block of East Huntington with their child from their home in Duarte. The male is bi-polar and off his medications and had been making threats to the female that he would kill everyone in the house if she ever called the police on him in the future to have him taken to the mental hospital. The female went into the business alone and called the police for help. When officers arrived, the male exited the car with the baby in his arms and ran into the business, ignoring officers' commands to stop and put the baby down. The business was evacuated. 

Officers arrived and ordered the male subject to put his baby down, but he refused and yelled at the officers to shoot him. The officers were able to get the child from the subject. The suspect was subdued and taken into custody. An emergency protective order will be obtained for the child and mother. The Department of Child and Family Services will also be notified regarding the child endangerment.

Home Invasion Robbery

On Sunday, July 15, 2012, at approximately 6:40 p.m., Monrovia police officers responded to the 200 block of East Chestnut regarding a late reported home invasion robbery investigation. One female adult victim was at home during the incident and she was not harmed.      

The victim told officers that at approximately 4:50 p.m., she arrived home and went directly to her upstairs bedroom, when she heard the sound of something being knocked over downstairs. The victim was in the process of returning downstairs to investigate the sound when she was immediately confronted by a suspect armed with an unknown caliber handgun. The suspect ordered the victim to lie down on her bedroom floor as he blocked her vision by wrapping a t-shirt around her face. The suspect remained in the bedroom monitoring the victim as a second suspect ransacked the residence. The suspects eventually left the location without further incident. The victim was scared and went directly to a relative's house in Los Angeles before reporting the incident to the police.

The investigation revealed that the suspects entered the victim's apartment by removing the exterior living room window screen and pulling the sliding living room window off of the track. Once inside the residence, the suspects stole a laptop computer, a play station console and a wallet. The suspects left the location by exiting the front door. The victim described one suspect as a male black in his early 20's with short black hair, approximately 5' 6", and wearing a t-shirt. 

Special Enforcement Team Weekly Activity

Possession of Methamphetamine - Suspect Arrested

July 11 at 4:56 p.m., the Special Enforcement Team was on patrol at a park in the 300 block of South Myrtle. One subject was arrested for possession of a methamphetamine pipe and one was cited for littering. 

Burglary Warrant - Suspect Arrest

July 11 at 7:39 p.m., the Special Enforcement Team stopped two suspicious subjects on Lemon, near Magnolia. One subject was arrested for an outstanding wanted persons warrant for burglary out of San Dimas Sheriff's Department. The suspect was arrested and taken to the San Dimas Sheriff's Station. 

Drunk in Public - Suspect Arrested

July 12 at 6:04 p.m., the Special Enforcement Team responded to a call of a subject harassing customers at a business parking lot in the 300 block of West Huntington. The subject was contacted and arrested for being drunk in public.

Warrant - Suspect Arrested

On July 14, Special Enforcement Team assisted patrol on the surveillance of a vehicle on Ivy, north of Los Angeles, where the registered owner had several outstanding warrants. The vehicle was stopped and the female driver was arrested. The vehicle was stored since her license was expired.

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