21 Aug 2014
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"Bitter...Party of One....?"

"Bitter...Party of One....?"
My mom has a very funny divorced friend who, every year on Valentine's Day, would take herself out to dinner and book the reservation under the name of "Bitter". That still cracks me up to this day.

I am very fortunate. I met the the love of my life several years ago and we married last year. We are young and in love, so everyday is Valentine's Day for us. I saw a sign the other day that says marriage is like a deck of cards: At first all you need is two hearts and a diamond, then after a few years, you just need a club and a spade. We are still living in the first half of the deck.

I know not everyone is as blessed in love as I am though, and these Hallmark holidays can really make you feel inadequate. Unless your children are fluffy and darling, your spouse is a total romantic or your co-workers surprise you with a croissant and a latte now and again, then Hallmark deems that you must be somehow lacking. If you follow me on this blog however, you know that I am all about personal responsibility and not counting on anyone but yourself to be truly valued.

When I was single I always looked at Valentine's Day as an extra special reminder day to love, take care of, and treat myself. In fact, I still do! I always make a point of getting a new accessory, or a hair cut or a piece of jewelry to remind me of how lovable I am ~ to myself!

Nobody wants to be around a Bitter Betty or Debbie Downer ~  especially on Valentine's Day! So love yourself, get out and treat yourself, pop some champagne and celebrate YOU!

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