22 Aug 2014
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Montrose, Let's Talk Trash

Montrose and Sparr Heights locals started this conversation on Facebook. Let's move it to Patch and find out what the Montrose Shopping Park Association, Glendale officials and businesses are doing to fight the alleged filth.

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Sensitive noses and observant eyes in town contacted Patch about trash pile ups in Montrose.

Garbage drove Glendale Department of Public Works to increase pick ups, place larger liners in trash containers and install solar trash compactors. Volunteers started picking up trash along Honolulu Avenue each Friday.  

"One of the goals of our Friday morning clean up is showing how a few volunteers can make a difference keeping Montrose clean. It’s already had a positive affect despite the frequent events," Steve Pierce, Montrose Shopping Park Association Ambassador, told Patch.  

Local Glori Steele mentioned her recent concerns via  Sparr Heights Neighbors public Facebook page. This sparked a public discourse that's perfect for a community news forum like Patch. Here's what Steele wrote: 

  1. All of the trash bins in the parking lot behind Pepe's, Cucina Rustica, Wine & Kabob, Sake, etc. are constantly overflowing and trash is thrown on the ground around the bins. The bins stink and make parking back there very unpleasant. Should there be more bins with perhaps an enclosure?
  2. I walk through Montrose on my daily walks and the amount of feces on the sidewalk is becoming alarming. Who walks their pet without picking up its mess? Should free doggie bags be available?
  3. What exactly is the smoking policy in Montrose? Are people allowed to smoke while walking on the sidewalks and while sitting outside at coffee shops and restaurants? 
  4. Why, oh why, would the owner of the property that houses Fat Dog let the new tenant create a storefront that completely defies the architectural integrity of the building?

MSPA is working with Glendale officials to lessen trash in the area, and plans to ask business owners to voluntarily maintain their area, Pierce said. 

"If a few start doing this others will follow. As long as it stays as a volunteer effort we will have positive response," he said. 

Pierce invites locals to join him in Montrose with regular volunteers Alyce Russell of Andersen's Pet Shop, Linda McMenamin, Ken Grayson of Grayson's Tune Town, Robert "Bobcat" Thompson each Friday morning, between 6:30 and 7 a.m.

The group started in January 2012, he said. 

"I pick up trash along three blocks of Honolulu. Robert actually picks up starting at La Crescenta Avenue. Others are welcome. We will provide the 'trash-grabber' and get them started. We will continue this effort every Friday morning. There’s always plenty to do," Pierce said. 

People are getting used to the solar trash receptacles, he said. The sidewalk and sitting areas were power washed and the main concern are the parking lot garbage bins, he added.  

"The upper and lower parking lots are the biggest problem as well as the private parking lot south of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf," Pierce said. 

The five person crew does the best it can, but it's often overwhelming, he said. 

"The City has been alerted and they are currently talking to those businesses which seem to be responsible for the trash situation. We could use some help from merchants and the City to handle the trash in the parking lots," Pierce said.

The parking lot behind El Charro Restaurant has seen turnaround over the past several months, he said.   

"Overall, for a community which has as many events and activities as Montrose, we’re doing a pretty good job keeping trash picked up. It’s very gratifying when I see people picking up trash while walking along the sidewalk. That’s what inspires others to do the same thing," Pierce said. 

Alek Bartrosouf helped found the Coalition for a Green Glendale back in 2007. He suggests people start using reusable mugs or cups to decrease trash. 

"This would reduce waste significantly and create more room in trash bins for other items, thereby cleaning the neighborhood and reducing waste that goes to our local landfill - an important facility for Glendale," Bartrosouf told Patch via email. 

Patch AsksWhat do you think about trash in Montrose? Do you notice it? Do you smell or see it? 

Do you have feedback about the neighborhood?  Montrose/Verdugo City/Sparr Heights Neighborhood Association will meet at 7 p.m. Thursday at Citibank, 2350 Honolulu Ave., Montrose. 


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