Jul 26, 2014
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Rosemont Students Honored at Awards Ceremony

Over 200 students were honored for their school-year achievements.

Over 200 students were honored with awards for art, athletic and leadership achievements, volunteer efforts and outstanding academic accomplishments during the school’s annual awards ceremony on Thursday night.

Joshua Kim won the Outstanding Musician of the Year award, which was presented by Ken Grayson of .

A.J. Absy was recognized for completing over 134 hours of community service. He was presented with a special honorary service award from principal Dr. Cynthia Livingston. The school only requires students to complete 12 hours during the school year.

Matthew Collins won a laptop for his excellence in computer science.

Teacher Yong Ghim was nominated by students to win Teacher of the Year. Students who chose Mrs. Ghim remarked “she pushes us to our limits to help us do our best,” “she never gives up on us and inspires us,” and “we are learning while we are having fun.”

Other awards went to students of California Junior Scholastic Federation and Builders Club for academic excellence and community involvement, and 22 plaques were handed out to seventh and eighth grade students for their achievements in different academic departments.

Students who participated in the Kiwanis Club essay contest were awarded Spartan Spirit Awards. Several contest semi-finalists came from Rosemont and each of these students were awarded an American flag. One student even received a special award and a flag that has flown over the Capitol in Washington, DC.

Ms. Lynnell Woodward of Dilbeck Realtors and presented awards for academics and community involvement. The Lightning Green Club passed out awards for environmentalist of the year and talked about how trees were planted in Angeles National Forest on their behalf.

The evening was a year-end celebration of students for their hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm.

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