20 Aug 2014
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Diabetes Anyone? My Cup Runneth Over!

As a parent of a special needs pre-teen and a 15yr.old, there's enough to handle...now throw in mom having insulin dependent diabetes and that's when the real fun begins!

Diabetes Anyone? My Cup Runneth Over!

I have had diabetes for 17 years controlled by diet. Now I'm told I must use insulin! What???

I have great control...most of the time. I can handle whatever comes my way without too much complaining. I don't fuss and fret..heck..I'm a trained professional, a nurse and a teacher/ counselor! 

I didn't complain when at age 2 my oldest son became deaf from a sudden head trauma. I didn't fret and moan when my younger son was diagnosed with ADHD at age 8 and we played hit or miss with meds until finally we found the right one. And I certainly handled the birth of my youngest,very well when she was diagnosed with Down Syndrome and congenital heart defects ,11 yrs ago. 

But this is a totally new ballgame! I am the caregiver and now I must get adjusted to a new way of life.

For those of you not familiar with diabetes, it can be handled well with proper diet, exercise and a good outlook. That is until it can't be! I am now insulin dependent which means way more than diet, exercise and a good outlook. It entails testing my blood sugar often and injecting insulin on regular intervals throughout the day. It also means eating at regular intervals throughout the day, which I don't normally do.

I must get up 30 minutes earlier to test..inject..eat and then start my morning ritual of getting my child with Downs out of bed. This alone is the great feat of the day as we struggle with dressing, teeth brushing and trying to get to the bus before our prompt bus driver merrily speeds away. I need all the time I can muster up just for the kid...no time for me! But not now!

So for the past week we have missed the bus, been late to school and I frequently forget the eating part as I'm rushing around ...which leads me to not feeling too terrifically. I am trying..really I am! These things take time as I frequently hear myself telling my patients who are dealing with new medical issues. But I am impatient and don't want to be bothered with my new medical issue. Heck..I have enough on my plate with other medical issues and children as stubborn as the Spanish Inquisition. My plate hath runneth over!!

And so I carry on. "Diabetes will not control me, I will control it"...my new mantra! I get up earlier, do my personal ritual, and
begin my struggle with Ms. Sleepyhead. It can be done but no one said this would be easy. In time it will all be a second nature and easy to handle. In time we will make the bus Before it leaves and the child will be on time for school...hey this week she got to school 3 days on time! So I am not complaining, fretting, groaning or playing the " poor me " recording nobody cares to hear.

Okay..maybe just a little!

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