Jul 28, 2014
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Occupy MV, Day Workers to March for May Day

In a Bay Area wide coordinated event, local labor activists and supporters to advocate for the 99 percents.

Occupy MV, Day Workers to March for May Day

Community residents and members of Occupy Mountain View plan to march around the city today for International Workers Day.

The goal, the organizers claim, is to begin a consensus decision-making process through which they will agree upon that's "improvisational, collaborative, non-violent direct actions directed towards any of the multitude of sites catering to or run by the 1 percent,” according to a statement released by James Lee, media contact for Occupy Redwood City (ORWC).

In Mountain View, the will join the Occupiers at 4 p.m. at and march from there to . Afterward, the rally will move toward .

When the Mountain View marchers arrive at City Hall, the Occupy candidate for State Assembly (AD-24) Joseph Rosas will speak. Rosas has been a regular supporter and attendee of numerous ORWC actions and events.

As an Occupier himself, Rosas plans to spend below $1,000 on his campaign. He believes this combination allows him to work with a broad cross section of people and leaves him beholden to none because of party affiliation or donors.

"May Day on the Peninsula," has been designed to "call out the 1 percent, to focus attention on important issues in the labor and immigrants rights movements, to remind corporate interests that headquarter themselves on the Peninsula that they are not safe from the people's anger just because they are not located in Oakland or San Francisco, and show those in power that without the 99% their engines of profit can and will cease to function," according to a press statement.

Other Occupy events will take place close by in And Los Atlos today too.

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