21 Aug 2014
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We Have the Power to Improve Our Lives

We can change the rules, make a different game, change the stakes.

We Have the Power to Improve Our Lives

As a species, we have been given the gift of consciousness.

Whether we accept it or not, through the ages we have learned and created means to better express ourselves. Different forms of expression, such as art, literature, sciences, religion, law etc., etc., etc., have been born in a communal effort to materialize our hopes, aspirations, morals, ethics, inspiration, dreams.

Now we have entered a time where, as a species, we begin to understand this truth and how it has everything to do with what we see manifested in our everyday perceptions of reality.

Our individual experience of this communal creation varies according to the cards we're handed when we were born, like our family's religion, culture, language, economy and genes. If we are born with a "good hand," we have a better chance at doing better in the game. Logically, the opposite is true when we have a "bad hand."

However, our good or bad hand can always change during the game; it all depends on how we play the game. This would lead some to say that we each make our own path, that in this life, we have an equal opportunity to "succeed." Of course, the fact that most of us didn’t know how to play or what to do with our cards, is rarely taken into consideration or is addressed.

Why is it that, as a species, we have always idealized environments where we are all empowered and cared for and, reciprocally, we have the ability to help solve the problems of others around us, and yet together we hold a system that does exactly the opposite?

We go on and call it “reality” and then believe that these situations are unchangeable and omnipotent. Why? Well, it is the only thing we know. It was the deck of cards we were dealt. We have nothing else. Or do we? Yes. We do, and we are beginning to understand it.

The thing is that it's not about the cards we are given; it is about getting cards. That is the important thing from the beginning. We created the game together. We can change the rules, make a different game, change the stakes.

We know this because through history, we have managed to slowly pass the word around about the knowledge and understanding of how the game was created. That, and we don’t have to play that stupid game where there’s always a loser and a victor. We can make a new one, where we are all winners!.

The problems lie in the resistance—resistance from all the players to change the game.

Obviously, some people don’t see the need, because they are about to win. But for the ones about to lose, changing the game isn’t a bad idea at all. The problem is that most of us still haven’t realized this. We have no idea we have the option of creating a new game. We feel we have to do the best we can with what we got, and that’s how we live. We take in a situation, which might not be the best for us as a given, and don’t question it. Just deal with it, in the best possible way.

Being born at the bottom, or at the top, makes it equally hard to realize the ways of the game. Being born in the middle brings enough balance to glance equally at both planes of the field and realize what is really going on. I don’t mean to say clarity is exclusive to these people, but their position at the table grants them a tactical advantage, which facilitates their comprehension of the workings of the game.

Some say life is a game, but the “game” I’m referring to is the collective system we enforce, whether consciously or unconsciously.

We are beginning to understand that we have created the game, given out the cards. It wasn’t God—it was us! What power we hold! We have created civilization after civilization that leave legacies behind—positive and negative ones—to people that aren't even born yet.

Well, the thing here is that there is a huge difference between believing or understanding something and actually knowing it. Knowledge is only gained through experience, which means unless you do, you don’t know.

We live in a complex reality where all of our actions and non-actions directly influence the perception of everyone else.

But we have to realize the potential of our own power to create to really know we can change the game. This won’t come by anyone telling us we can, but by trying it out ourselves.  

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