23 Aug 2014
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Lake Berryessa "Pitchfork" Incident Offender To Stand Trial

Preliminary hearing was Tuesday, Jan. 14, in Napa County Superior Court; trial date not yet set.

Lake Berryessa "Pitchfork" Incident Offender To Stand Trial
Napa County Superior Court Judge Michael Williams ruled Tuesday that there was sufficient evidence for Steven Belmont to stand trial on multiple charges connected to an incident last August at a Lake Berryessa resort area.

Belmont, of El Dorado County, was freed on $1 million bail pending the jury trial.

The case is high profile due to the severity of the injuries suffered by one of the parties in the incident, Roy Powell. Powell was attacked with a pitchfork, allegedly by Belmont. He suffered brain injuries and was hospitalized for many weeks before being released to recuperate at home.

According to the orders released Tuesday by Williams, Belmont faces the following suspected felonies: attempted murder with gross injury including brain injury, paralysis; mayhem; assault with a deadly weapon other than firearm; and threats to commit crime resulting in death.

Williams declined to set a trial date pending hearings on several pre-trial motions announced Tuesday.

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