22 Aug 2014
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"Occupy Napa" Takes On Starbucks

Updated 7 a.m.: The local protest group is calling for opposition to Starbucks' rumored interest in opening a coffee shop at the corner of First and Main streets in downtown Napa.

"Occupy Napa" Takes On Starbucks

A recent report in the about the sale of a prominent downtown business building appears to have sparked a new protest movement against , mentioned in the article as a potential new tenant at the corner of First and Main streets.

The proximity of the proposed Starbucks to the longtime local hangout is the focus of this week's general assembly of the group, according to an event posting on Facebook.

As of 7 a.m. Monday, 47 people had indicated they would attend the meeting at on West Street Tuesday evening.

Among the comments on the Facebook page:

This is a nasty move, obviously trying to force out a local business. One that does a GREAT job by the way - and not only that - they support local music! Step up, Napa! Are we going to let a big box crush a local family? (Kellie Fuller)

How many unremarkable overpriced chain coffee stores does Napa need? (Poppy Jones)

You don't need to bash one thing in order to stand up for another thing. Support the Roasting Company if you want to. Starbucks doesn't steal business. You give it to them. It's not like their drinks are cheaper. (Skyler Barto)

Hard to imagine a more trivial issue to occupy the collective mind of Occupy Napa. (Genji Schmeder)

Organizers of Tuesday's meeting posted on the event's Facebook wall:

This is a blatantly aggressive maneuver by Starbucks to challenge a local cafe. Starbucks is a multinational corporation that ...values their profit over the desires of the people.

If we, as the people of Napa, do not want Starbucks to open up a store directly by the Napa Valley Roasting Company, we need to come together, brainstorm strategy and tactics, and act now.

Occupy Napa has been having its general assemblies every Tuesday at 7:30 in the . Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Napa is a movement that emerged to challenge and resist the corporate greed and domination over our lives.

We will be hosting an organizing meeting this Tuesday to start brain storming ways we can resist Starbuck's effort to open up a store in Downtown Napa.

It is our intention to initiative the discussion. If those wanting to help organize against Starbucks want to form a separate group or task force, that can happen.

We welcome anyone and everyone who wants to come together to help plan effective actions to ensure Starbucks does not open up a store in our Downtown.

There are currently five freestanding Starbucks shops in the city, with additional Starbucks counters operating inside and stores.

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