23 Aug 2014
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VIDEO: Napa Artists Spoof Mainstream Media

Drifting smoke from Tuesday's fire at a plastics plant in Fairfield gave Napa artist Julio Soriano the idea of creating a mock news broadcast on the All Animals Network. And he's not the only young Napan spoofing the mainstream.

People who think Napa takes itself too seriously should meet Julio Soriano, Dan Graham, David Hopp and Jimmy DiMarcellis.

Hopp and Marcellis created the downtown window display "," a tongue-in-cheek art installation that purports to clue visitors in to some little-known facts about our city --that don't happen to be facts at all (a Napan invented the thumbs-up sign, etc.).

Graham, an assistant manager at in Bel Aire Plaza, hosted an authors' "" downtown Thursday night complete with readings from books that exist only in Graham's imagination (Baby Lawyer: Bebeas Corpus, to name one hilarious example).

And Soriano, creator of the we featured back in May, continues his culture-jamming ways with this video on the "All Animal Network," in which he uses the recent as a springboard for discussion.

These young artists are using the tools of establishment media to create very different statements from the ones you might expect.

And they're helping make Napa a more interesting and even surprising place not only to visit, but to live.

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