Jul 29, 2014
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Who Gets Your Vote in the Napa County Race?

A four-term incumbent faces two challengers for his District 2 seat on the Napa County Board of Supervisors. Both are currently on the Napa City Council and both are Democrats, forcing party members to choose. Who gets your vote and why?

Who Gets Your Vote in the Napa County Race?

We're still weeks away from the June 5 election for District 2 supervisor in Napa County, which shares the presidential primary ballot with a pair of statewide ballot measures and the races for state senate, state assembly, U.S. senate and the Fifth Congressional District currently represented by Mike Thompson.

Although the deadline to register to vote in this election isn't until May 21, many district voters have already made their ballot choices and thousands are expected to have cast their votes by mail well before Election Day arrives.

While local offices are nominally non-partisan, party politics are still part of the picture: The county's Republican party members have .

Democratic voters in District 2 are faced with a choice in Luce's incumbents, both Democrats currently serving on the Napa City Council.

The has thrown its support behind Mark van Gorder, who was first to declare his candidacy as a Luce opponent in the recently-remapped district.

However, club president  — who was recently elected as a delegate to the Democratic National Convention in September — has endorsed challenger Juliana Inman in her Napa Patch blog post,

Do you have a favorite in the race? Please tell us who it is and why, as Napa prepares to vote in the June 5 election.

If you live in one of the county's other four districts, in which the supervisor is either running unopposed (Bill Dodd, Keith Caldwell) or is not yet up for re-election (Diane Dillon), we welcome your opinions as well.

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