Jul 28, 2014
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New Fremont Theater to Open Friday

Newark's Cinedome Theater personnel said the movie theater will remain open.

New Fremont Theater to Open Friday New Fremont Theater to Open Friday

Starting this weekend, Cinemark will have a complete monopoly over the Tri-Cities with the opening of a 16-screen, all-digital movie theatre in Fremont.

The Century at Pacific Commons Theatre will officially open Friday at 43917 Pacific Commons, according to a press release on MarketWatch.com.

Fremont’s theater will be the second large-scale movie theater in the Tri-Cities and is located approximately 10 miles away from Union City’s and about 3 miles away from Newark’s Theatres.

An employee with Cinedome said Newark’s small seven-screen theater near will remain open despite the opening in Fremont. Calls to Cinemark’s public relations office have not been returned.

Each theater at the Pacific Commons Theatre will feature “wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling screens, enhanced sound systems, and digital projection presentation,” the press release states. Cinemark’s website also notes that the theater will have a self-serve concession stand.

And the first 50 customers on both Friday and Saturday will receive gifts, including refillable popcorn tubs, a Battleship iPad case and more.

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