Jul 30, 2014
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Balboa Island, the 'Go To' Place on Halloween

Trick-or-treaters come from all over.

Kids of all ages invaded Balboa Island on Halloween night to get their fix of treats. It's an annual tradition that seems to get better every year.

"The houses are close together and the kids’ legs are short, making their route more efficient; this way they get more bang for their buck,” said resident John Hamilton. "That and the good candy makes Balboa Island the go-to neighborhood for trick-or-treaters near and far."

One of the homes that goes all out is Peggy Rich's place on the South Bayfront. Peggy's husband does his best to make sure it's one of the most decorated homes. And it's a big draw for kids.

 “Last year, we gave out 2,700 pieces of candy," Rich said.

They might have given out more than that Monday night. Cars carrying costumed kids started arriving around 4:30 p.m. to get a good parking spot. By 6 p.m. the island was swarmed by crowds of people young and old.

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