Jul 30, 2014
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Opinion: Darn You Jeffrey Hubbard!

Sandy Asper questions the strategy of Hubbard's attorney.

Opinion: Darn You Jeffrey Hubbard! Opinion: Darn You Jeffrey Hubbard!

Darn you Jeffrey Hubbard! I am trying so hard not to write about your trial. Again, let me say here that "Innocent until PROVEN guilty is something I am dedicated to, believe in, and know that our country can never do without.

I can only guess what it would be like to be accused of something that I didn't do and have no way of proving it....Horrible! So, without making any judgement about Hubbard's guilt or innocence, the events of the past few days as reported by the Register and the Daily Pilot have left me slacked jawed...What??
I have to write something.

Remember these thoughts are not from someone who is there at the trial (I did take the train and walked to the courtroom in December, but sadly was too late to actually see anything) so these are my impressions.

Jeffrey Hubbard must have the dumbest attorney in Christendom. First he asks Hubbard in open court about his relationship with Christianson using the word "bawdy". He then goes on later in the trial asking Hubbard whether he gave her extra money because she would "talk dirty to him" and something about her breasts. Are you kidding me? Why would you put those words in the minds of the
jury? And on top of it…this is a superintendent of schools not a Chevrolet

This brilliant  attorney then probably encouraged Hubbard to laugh and give his wife a special look after asking the "dirty talk" question. I feel your pain Mrs. Hubbard. Listen if I was accused of anything in life, from throwing a piece of gum out the window of the car (yesterday) or misuse of public funds, believe me, I would be deadly serious. A felony is not funny, no matter how you look at it, and multiple felonies are crazy serious. After all we are talking about possible jail time and the loss of everything that he has worked for his entire life. There is NOTHING funny about that.

I don't know how many women are on the jury, but the advice that he got from his lawyer to testify that Christianson was used to working with men in construction, intimating that therefore she was a tough smutty-talking woman who forced him to do the same; therefore the emails and strange behavior was not his fault. C'mon attorney!

That kind of thinking does not work in 2012. No one excuses the rapist because the woman was wearing provocative attire. College kids no longer skid by because the girl can pole dance. It just doesn't work. So his lawyer advising him to portray himself as someone who really had no control over his behavior because it was her fault will not pass the smell test with any jury.

Even though the prosecutor is trying valiantly to make the case that Hubbard awarded that money to Christianson because of a "special relationship" is beside the point. We really don’t care, and frankly now that those words have been used, I don’t even want to think about it any kind of relationship. Don't care!

There is only one issue here. One issue and one issue alone. Either Hubbard issued the money to these two women without the knowledge of the Beverly Hills School District Trustees or he didn't. There are no other issues


In the meantime....I think the Jeffery Hubbard is way too smart to have such a seemingly dumb attorney, and that taking five months off to plan THIS defense seems undefensible. For the first time I feel sorry for you Jeff.

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