Jul 28, 2014
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Green Party Tips for a Festive Super Bowl Blowout

An easy guide to reduce your carbon footprint this Super Bowl Sunday.

Green Party Tips for a Festive Super Bowl Blowout

Festivities surrounding Super Bowl Sunday can generate supersized amounts of trash destined for a landfill, but hosts can follow a few simple tips to minimize the party’s impact on the environment.

“A Super Bowl party is a great opportunity to shape some green habits,” said Mark Stackle, area director of public sector services for Waste Management of Southern California. “There can be a cost savings to it, too.”

Waste Management offered several simple suggestions to make your Super Bowl, a green one.

Carpooling. By encouraging guests to share rides, less vehicle exhaust is discharged into the atmosphere. Plus, having a designated driver allows the others to enjoy a beer or cocktail during the game.

Buy in bulk. Plenty of food and drink flows on Super Sunday, and buying bulk-sized items can cut down on packaging. It can also cut down on the cost.

Finger foods. Serving food that doesn’t require utensils can drastically cut down on the amount of trash that will end up in a landfill.

One for trash, one for recycling. Setting out separate containers for trash and recycling will make for an easier post-party cleanup. Remember that most curbside recycling programs accept clean pizza boxes.

Think global, shop local. Supporting local businesses not only helps the economy, but it helps reduce carbon emissions. Consider beers brewed in town or food from a farmer’s market.

Donate old TV. Sales of new TVs typically pick up before Super Sunday. Instead of ditching the old TV into the trash stream, donate it to charity or find someone willing to take in a used TV. The box the new TV came in can also be recycled.   

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