Jul 26, 2014
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50 New Bike Racks Coming to Heart of NoHo

With each rack able to secure two bicycles, Lankershim Boulevard will see additional parking for 100 bikes arrive by the end of summer.

50 New Bike Racks Coming to Heart of NoHo 50 New Bike Racks Coming to Heart of NoHo
Fifty bike racks are slated to be installed along Lankershim Boulevard between Chandler Boulevard and Camarillo Street by the end of August, according to the city's transportation department.

The project came about after the Los Angeles County Bike Coalition solicited signatures from 16 NoHo Businesses that sought better parking for their cycling customers.

"LACBC wants to encourage people to ride their bikes to North Hollywood and park at these bike racks, which play a direct role in alleviating the demand that we see on car parking along the corridor," said Alek Bartrosouf, Campaign and Policy Manager for the biking coalition.

Each bike rack, which look likes an upside U, can secure two bicycles. The Los Angeles Department of Transportation has already starting marking spots along the sidewalk as potential sites for the new racks.

Chad Hollingshead, a barista at Bob's Espresso Bar on Lankershim, says the bike racks will make it easier for frequent cyclers like himself to better enjoy NoHo.

"I think they're going to be great because people can park their bikes and walk up and down the street rather than bike up and down and try to find somewhere to park their bike or lock their bike up on the [parking] meters," he said.

Despite the announcement of new bike racks, there's still no word from the city whether bike lanes would be implemented on Lankershim.

Last month, the Mid-Town NoHo Neighborhood Council voted to recommend Vineland Avenue over Lankershim to house bike lanes.

What are your thoughts on having new bike lanes on Lankershim?

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