23 Aug 2014
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Brad Sherman: DACA or toma y daca

Friday, 6-12-14,  Huffington Post detailed the fallout from misrepresentation of President Obama's DACA policy.  DACA: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program,   which allows many undocumented immigrants who arrived here as children to avoid deportation for a renewable two-year period. BUT the criteria was "children who had arrived prior to June 2012", which in of itself is a very generous process, considering undocumented immigrants have flooded the borders, from all nations, for the past twenty years.  
However, while the face of undocumented immigrants is inaccurately portrayed as ONLY South Americans,  lets address a strange situation without substantiating this inaccuracy of portrayal. 

 It is well documented, South Americans who are striving to have one shot at the opportunities available here and protected within the framework of our Constitution, because we are a Republic; it is well documented they are coming  at great peril of their life and limb.  Coyote cartel have harmed or caused death to many a young person as they are sandwiched in transport trucks.  

So it is complete negligence and involuntary manslaughter for our government and a Congressman in a district with a high percentage of South Americans, to ignore the following situation.  
A recent flood of YOUNG immigrants is drawing much attention.  Arguments and finger pointing are suggesting a lack of clarity in media reports about the program is creating a frenzy to come to America.

Huffington Press reports: "More  recent reporting about DACA in the leading papers for the region do not, by and large, contain factual inaccuracies, but they also rarely mention that the program excludes those who arrived after the cutoff date."
"Furthermore: U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) referred to .. two articles during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing Wednesday, citing them as evidence for his assertion that DACA has spurred the latest wave of illegal crossings by undocumented minors."

SO CONGRESSMAN SHERMAN:  We know you are very much in need of Hispanic Votes in your district, for the upcoming election, when you face an opponent with Hispanic heritage.  Will you honestly convey the information concerning DACA? 

The last scuffle you had concerning immigration was in 2012 when you grabbed (GRABBED!) fellow Democrat..fellow American in the midst of claiming authorship of Dream Act (immigration).
 Rep. Luis Gutierrez  said," It is a matter of public record that Howard Berman wrote the DREAM Act and I am a cosponsor."

There is not a decent American who would want any more young people falling into the hands of coyote cartel as they come across the border under misrepresentation of the American opportunity; solely because a slew of Democrats, and operatives, see it as an avenue for votes while they are in the Minority of Congress.


The short version: don't bother reading Carl Peterson's comments.

The first amendment gives me (and you) the freedom to speak.. without fear of repercussions...harm..retaliation.  A reasonable expectation.  HOWEVER.  "ThePatch" views this as carte blanche for one CARL PETERSON to take my words..my expressions as an opportunity to buoy his posts..his blog..his career..his candidacy.  He is a democrat, and I suppose it is at the bequest of that lady running for State Assembly in the 45th district;  nevertheless, they find  it necessary to keep putting the same link to her website within their comments.  The link has many inaccuracies and quite frankly lies about the 2014 elected Candidate running for Congress against the incumbent, in the 30th district. (See Katherine Russ article for the facts:   http://www.citywatchla.com/8br-hidden/6658-california-politics-poison-email-causing-concerns-within-...   and the candidates words:   http://markreedforcongress.com/New_Generation_Republicans.pdf

So I must write, include, this disclaimer for each of my posts. Mr. Peterson will then retaliate and post my personal information (all which is public information but most people are not obsessed enough to post it repeatedly).  ThePatch declares this is all First Amendment protected, for Mr. Petersen.  So to what ever degree Mr. Peterson chooses to escalate this along with a couple of his co-writers on Patch,  I don't have the time or initiative to respond to each of his posts.  

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