Jul 26, 2014
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Flirt Dancers Light Up Skinny's Lounge [Video]

The female dance group has been seen in music videos and on TV.

The girls of Flirt Dancers lit up Skinny's Lounge Thursday night with their talent and energy with a series of dance numbers and a small fashion show.

The dance group of about 20 girls formed in early 2009 and is comprised of performers that have been seen in music videos and on television.

Founder Justine Menter says it's empowering to get that many women together to showcase their skills and experience.

"When we get together it's just a raw explosion of energy and female sexuality," she said, adding: "We represent strong women, real women. ... When you get us in a room the energy is huge."

Check out the accompanying videos to get a glimpse of the Thursday night performance.

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