23 Aug 2014
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Lice Season Off To a Big Start

Lice Season Off To a Big Start

Local LiceDoctors Lice Treatment Service Offers Parents Lice Prevention and Identification Advice

LiceDoctors Head Lice Treatment and Nit Removal Service reports that there is a surge in the number of cases that it is seeing in North Hollywood and surrounding areas. Wendy Beck, owner of LiceDoctors with 18 years of experience as a lice professional, states that the increase in incidence of lice is to be expected for the is time of the year,  however this year the number of cases is significantly greater than last year. She attributes the gain to the growing resistance of head lice to chemical treatments, as well as to the increase in outdoor play with its related close contact which facilitates transmission of lice.  Head lice are generally transmitted via head to head contact and Memorial Day marks the beginning of "lice season".

Over the past several years, lice have undergone mutations and often are highly resistant to chemical lice treatments that previously were effective in killing head lice. In addition, some of the more potent lice killing agents have been removed from these treatments owing to their potentially carcinogenic effects. "We have treated thousands of cases of families who have used the chemical shampoos and still see live bugs in their hair. These resistant head lice carry the name 'super lice'. To eliminate these eggs (nits) is a labor-intensive task unless you are trained. The nits glue themselves to the strands of hair and must be pulled out. The eggs are quite small and have a clear shell which allows them to blend in with the hair color making them hard to see for the untrained eye. Often people think that they have gotten out all of the nits, when really a few are left behind to hatch and then the case just continues”, Beck explains.

Head lice have become a common-place occurrence among school-aged children. While no one is immune to lice, LiceDoctors offers some tips on how to reduce the chances of your child becoming infested and how to identify and treat lice if you do pick up a case:

·        It is important to know that not everyone itches from head lice, therefore it is important to check your child regularly to see if you see any nits in the hair.

·        When you child returns from a play date or day at camp, take 5 minutes to see if you find anything translucent stuck to the hair. Keep in mind, getting head lice has nothing to do with hygiene.

·        To prevent getting lice, girls should wear their hair up in a braid or bun. The less accessible that the hair is, the more difficult it is for the bugs to get into it.

·        Put gel, mousse or spray in your child’s hair.These products put a protective layer on the hair, which makes it harder for the bug to attach to the hair.

·        Bring your own pillows if you are spending the night with friends or going to camp.

·        Encourage your kids to avoid sharing items including hairbrushes, combs, hats, scarves, towels, helmets, sleeping bags, etc.

·        In order to eradicate a case of head lice, you must remove every nit.  If you leave one or two nits in the hair, the case will start all over again.

·        Lice infestation is harder to diagnose than you think. All you need for a self-sustaining infestation is one fertilized female louse. They’re tiny, speedy and scoot from light.

·        If you find your child has head lice and want the treatment to be done successfully, you may want to call in a head lice treatment service. Make sure whichever company you call gives you a 100% guarantee on their head lice removal service.

Keep in mind that over the summer months there are a multitude of venues for the transmission of lice. Family gatherings, public pools and locker rooms, summer camp, sleepover dates, and family vacations all come with close head-to-head contact and encourage the spread of lice. Without the back-up of school lice checks, it is incumbent on parents to stay vigilant.  Following these tips will help parents to manage head lice--an all-too-common nuisance.

About LiceDoctors

LiceDoctors, one of the nation's largest companies specializing in treatment for head lice, now treats families in 70 geographical areas from coast to coast. Their lice treatment protocol was developed over 18 years ago by its medical director, is all-natural, and comes with a full guarantee. Each of their lice operators undergoes an intensive training and is dispatched directly to the privacy of the clients’ homes.  Call: 310-923-9780for further information.







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