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Scanner Report: Stakeout Nabs ADW Suspect

In the early morning hours of June 8, LAPD units surround a house in Pacoima.

Scanner Report: Stakeout Nabs ADW Suspect

Friday, June 8

Near the intersection of Terra Bella Steet and Telfair Avenue in Pacoima

7:45 a.m. Multiple LAPD units in the Foothill Division area are on a stakeout watching a house where they believe an ADW (assault with a deadly weapon) suspect is inside. There are also other individuals inside the house.

7:58 a.m. An officer says he has “eyes on the back of the house now. We had one additional vehicle arrive. No activity, the gate is open. Can you guys go ahead and cover the west? Find a spot west of Telfair… in case we have to set up a perimeter.”

8:00 a.m. A female sergeant says, “I’m going to get a team together so we can do a surround and callout, so we’re going to have to start locking down the perimeter.”

8:03 a.m. The sergeant asks if an airship is available.  

8:09 a.m. The sergeant informs the officers on the stakeout that the airship won’t be available for 20 minutes.

8:17 a.m. An officer reports that “we had one additional, male Hispanic, bald head, come up on a bike into the loc (location).”

8:21 a.m. An officer reports “be advised, we have one guy posted at the gate, he looks like a lookout. I think they might know what’s up.”

8:21 a.m. An officer reports that a Blazer automobile is getting ready to leave the location and that “we are going to want to stop it, just because the guy was looking around. One of the guys who got into the truck does not look like the suspect. But we want to go ahead and stop it anyway… he’s just backing up out of the house and he’s at the driveway."

8:21 a.m. The sergeant in charge tells an officer to detain the vehicle.

8:23 a.m. An officer pulls the Blazer over at San Fernando Road and Terra Bella, several blocks away from the target house, and reports that he is “code 4” which means no further assistance is needed, but then requests an additional unit. An officer responds from the Foothill Station, which is about a mile away.

8:27 a.m. The sergeant asks if there is an ETA on the airship.  

8:28 a.m. An officer informs another to “be advised, bro, these guys that left in the Blazer that stopped, they were really hanked up. Really hanked up (beat up). And the guys that were there watching the truck, they were the guys that locked up the gate, so just be advised when you walk up to the gate, he did something to the bottom of the gate in order to be able to get in there. So that may be a problem on your approach."

The other officer asks is he saw any dogs in the yard. The officers responds, “Negative, no dogs, because the gate was open for a while and no evidence of any animals there.”

8:31 a.m. The officers are getting ready to “hit it” and surround the house, but are informed that the airship is now en route, so they decide to hold off. They believe there may still be one or two more people at the target house. 

8:32 a.m. An officer reports that he has "penetrated" and is now in the back yard of the target house and there is a dog as well as a trailer and a converted garage. Another officer responds that they are getting further information and to “stand down.” The officer in the back yard asks if he should back away and is to told to “hold on.”

8:32 a.m. An officer radios to the team that they are going to “stand down” on the house because “we have a few possibles that were detained, so we’re going to leave the house alone for a minute.”

8:35 a.m. A dispatcher asks for a response from any Foothill units in the area of the 13000 block of Kagel Canyon Street, which is very near the target house. The dispatcher says that a "PR (person reporting) says an unknown person opened her back fence and that she could hear male voices saying 'kick it.' She believes it might be police, do we have any in that area?” (This location is very near the target house.)

8:35 a.m. An officer says over the radio that they are debating still if they should “hit” the house, but are standing down for now.

8:38 a.m. A dispatcher radios that there is a code 4 at San Fernando and Terra Bella, and that a “code 6 Charles” (wanted individual) is now in custody. It’s not clear yet from the discussion on the scanner if this is the ADW suspect they were targeting at the house. An officer describes him over the scanner, saying he has facial hair and a goatee.

8:45 a.m. An officer reports that they are “code 4” at Terra Bella and San Fernando Road and that the suspect is in custody.  It seems the suspect police were  seeking was in the Blazer that left the house.

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