22 Aug 2014
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Theater Review: 'Missing Dick' at The Magic Mirror Theater

The play is the story of a man named Dick who has had a sex change that turns him into Charlotte.

Theater Review: 'Missing Dick' at The Magic Mirror Theater

It is rare to find the subject of a play that is so unique that it may never leave your mind.

Such is the case with the world premiere of Missing Dick, presented by Joanne Mosconi and Mirror Theater at the in the NoHo Arts District through Aug 4.

The farce celebrates sexual confusion and plays chess with sexual identity.

It is the story of Dick, a man who has had a sex change that turns him into Charlotte. Charlotte shows up unexpectedly and turns the lives of her old friends upside down with her sexual escapades, but more importantly her independence, which is both threatening and inspiring.

This is not the typical transvestite play. The subject is so well dealt with that you forget this is a farce. The play asks deeper questions about homosexuality, emotional nakedness, friendship and Christianity.

The language by Gordon Bressack is succinct, to-the-point and at times funny and revealing if not lacking depth and refinement.

It would have been easy to take pot shots at the main character, but the direction here by Bressack goes the opposite way, leaving the audience with filet mignon instead of bologna.

The scenes in the second act, which are better, however, need to be longer and more fully developed.

Armen Torosyan (Ivan) is hilarious and believable.

Adam Miller (Jerry) plays his character to a convincing hilt.

Mia Eden (Stephanie) is sensitive, compassionate and intelligent.

Jody Barton (Dan) leaves us wanting more in a role that could have easily gone the other way.

Cat Lacohie (Charlotte) combines a sexuality, femininity and wisdom to give a performance only an old soul can.

Yet it is Jed Moran (Bud) whose stage presence and keen sense of humor run away with the play. No matter where Moran goes, eyes follow. As a comedic actor, Moran shows great potential and promise.

All in all, Missing Dick is a noble effort in a genre thin in dignity and integrity.

What it lacks in purity it makes up for in blood, sweat and laughs.


Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 p.m.

Magic Mirror Theater, 4934 Lankershim Blvd.

North Hollywood, CA 91601

In the NoHo Arts District

General Admission: $20.00

Reservations: (818) 732-1192 or

(323) 960-7770

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