Jul 30, 2014
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Italian Street Painting Marin Needs Volunteers

Italian Street Painting Marin Needs Volunteers
Italian Street Painting Marin Needs Volunteers

What: Italian Street Painting Marin is looking for volunteers for our performance art event taking place the last weekend in June.

When: Volunteers are needed starting Wednesday, June 26th through Monday, July 1st. Where: Volunteers can find our online volunteer application under the “Get Involved” tab on our website www.ItalianStreetPaintingMarin.org

Details: Calling all Marin County Residents, and Bay Area Art Lovers! Italian Street Painting Marin needs your assistance in bringing back the fine art of street painting to downtown San Rafael! Volunteers are needed to stencil names on the street, sell products, help on Children's Ave, and to work in the food and beverage areas. Additionally, persons are needed to staff the entrance and parking areas. Most jobs will require some physical activity. Interested persons should submit a volunteer application  immediately. Our volunteer application can be found online at www.ItalianStreetPaintingMarin.org , under the “Get Involved” tab. We are requesting that all volunteers sign-up and work a minimum of one four-hour shift, but our wish is that each volunteer would be able to commit to one full day. The earliest start time is 7:00am, and the latest shift ends at 10:00pm. Volunteers are needed to work starting Wednesday, June 26th through Monday, July 1st. All volunteers will be given a special commemorative t-shirt, and those working five or more hours on the Saturday and Sunday of the event will be provided with lunch. However, the biggest benefit to being a part of our event team is getting to work with an amazing, dedicated group of people passionate about sharing the fine art of street painting with the community!

About Italian Street Painting Marin:
The Italian Street Painting Marin organization was created by a team of passionate individuals who want the San Francisco Bay Area to continue to experience the performance art of street painting in downtown San Rafael.

Italian Street Painting Marin:
• Features an international cadre of artists who transform the streets into breathtaking works of art
• Presents entertainment by the musical talents of the San Francisco Bay Area
• Highlights the amazing art of our children on Children’s Avenue
• Offers street painting workshops for teens
• Grants funding to organizations and individuals who provide arts experiences for the community

For more information contact:
 Crystal Sullivan – Administrative Assistant for Italian Street Painting Marin Phone: 415.884.2423
Email: Info@ItalianStreetPaintingMarin.org or Crystal@ItalianStreetPaintingMarin.org

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