Jul 30, 2014
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North Bay Educational Foundation

North Bay Educational Foundation
In our on-going desire to bring informative and thought provoking information to parents of school aged children, as well as the community at large, the North Bay Educational Foundation (NBEF) will share news, articles, case studies and announcements on this new blog. Our hope is to stimulate conversation about improving education in the North Bay, and to provide a forum to openly examine educational alternatives for our children.

This blog will not only provide information specific to NBEF’s efforts to introduce a “Core Knowledge” Curriculum based, public charter school, but will also bring forth various points of view regarding educational reform issues, such as the implementation of Common Core State Standards and alternative approaches to help close the achievement gap.

With a much improved educational funding outlook, thanks to the passage of Proposition 30 and the proposed new Local Control Funding Formula budget from Governor Brown, we hope that energy can now shift toward enriching and improving our children's education, where all students can reach their highest potential.

This articleentitled “ Deepest Learning: Reading to Write & Writing to Learn” is just one example of a school using the Core Knowledge curriculum to stimulate children’s minds and get them engaged with their daily school experience.

P.S 124 Osmond A. Church School implemented a "thinking curriculum" 14 years ago where students are engaged in rich, in-depth and thoughtful learning. 

“Where can you find second graders comparing the Olympics in ancient Greece with our modern games—and using that discussion as an opportunity to review the use of past and present verbs? Or third graders preparing travel guides on the Amazon, Orinoco, Nile, and Yellow rivers? What about essays by fourth graders on the Chinese painter and calligrapher Zhao Mengfu, small groups of fifth graders discussing the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, or sixth graders writing out what they would say if they were reporters during the French Revolution?.......”

“When P.S. 124 adopted Core Knowledge, it went from a rather typical school in which teachers taught in isolation to a collaborative community……”

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