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Patch Readers Share Local Gift Ideas

What locally owned small business in Novato is the go-to spot for holiday season gifts?

Patch Readers Share Local Gift Ideas

Last week, Novato Patch posed a question on its Facebook page: If you had to buy a cool gift and could only shop at small businesses in Novato (preferably locally owned ones), what would you buy and where? I'd like to compile some ideas for last-minute shoppers.

The response was probably the biggest in the two-year history of Novato Patch. Here are all the great suggestions below. You can still add more with comments on this story or on the Facebook feed.

Trisha Carrasco Wright: Matt & Jeffs Car Wash

Wendy Paterson Winter: Sage Gallery is my favorite store on Grant Ave. You can find jewelry, beautiful vases and art, and Christmas ornaments.

Suzi Lee Musgrove: Arts Desire gallery in Ignacio houses art made by all local artists.

Diane Rowett Castro: Anne's Secret Hangups. Boot cozies are super cool!

Jessica Taul:  Beauty Island is a stop for hair stocking stuffers. (but not for me!)

Mikey D-T: I'd buy The Rolling Stones' "GRRR: Greatest Hits" at Watt's Music!

Claudia Zcaroc: I'll be going to Creekside Bakery soon to order my Christmas Noel Log (Buche de Noel)

Jenny Granado: The Beauty Store & Salon near Lucky. We have a bunch of nice little gifts for girls like hair,body, and nail products!

Kayla Marie Trumble: Grant Avenue Florist has beautiful arrangements and amazing wreaths!

Kelly Martell: Gift certificates to Finnegan's Marin! You have to try the Irish Nachos that my friend Mandy got me hooked on.

Nancy Gallagher Cortesi: Sentimental Journey...something for Everybody.

Christy Sherley: All Season Soccer has lots of fun gifts as well as practical gear as well. I plan to go there to shop local.

Erin Beeman: Novato Massage & Wellness Center.

Denise McKevitt Rasmussen: Morris & Company, for sure. It's always my first stop for cool gifts. Something lovely for the house or a beautiful ornament, or the best gift would be some of Jan's hand painted glass. She's a fabulous artist!!

Patty Hoyt: Ditto Christy's go-to spot. Lots of jerseys and gear, sure, but also lots of small gifts for fans.

Kim Bealert Langston: Matt & Jeff's car wash gift shop!


Corina Kelley: Toys at FIVE LITTLE MONKEYS!

Emily Gates: Powell's, 5 Little Monkeys, restaurant gift card

Azella Buban Metzger: Definitely Morris & Co.! Beautiful gifts and gorgeous gift-wrapping

Ann-Marie Nosek Skaggs: 5 Little Monkeys!

Carol Lancour: Stained Glass of Marin on Mirabella Street

Azella Buban Metzger: Gift certificate for a mani-pedi at Elise Armeen Salon. Love the ladies there!

Trisha Carrasco Wright: Matt & Jeffs car wash 

Susan Curry Johnson: Gift certificate to Moonstone.

Lauren M Terk: A carriage ride with Indian Valley Carriage! Original, fun and something that will be remembered forever.

Chuck Graham: 5 Little Monkeys for the kids on your list. Gift certificates to Las Guitarras.

Marge Schram: Anne's Secret Hangups!

Lora Lee Templeton: Swanky bachelor pad reading material at Lovable Rogue!

Deborah Curtis Porchivina: Morris & Co and Accents

Christine Flanders Koenig: Sage - hands down for women. Pini's hardware for men & anyone & Ideal stationery for everyone.

Kelly Crosser Angel: Matt and Jeffs for sure!

Ryan Lee: Powell's Candies!!! Yummy!!

Jackie Reed Dold: Morris & Company - great service, too!

Erika Nelson Fish: Sage, Morris & Co., and Pini are my go-to places for adults (especially good for in-laws). Powell's, Five Little Monkeys, and All Season Soccer for the kids. Those are my first stops, but I go through every store and always find great and unexpected gifts

Janis Lasky Couvreux: I spent ton at Five Monkeys toy store. Nothing as good in Petaluma.

Robin Schaefer: Morris & Co! Love this store

Rachael Hubbs: Wild Birds Unlimited (in Vintage Oaks) had the most unique, cute and affordable bird feeders. The all seed Snowman, Wreath and Owl are my favorites.

Maggie Rufo: Wild Birds Unlimited is a great store with beautiful art, nature books and more, and locally owned by very nice people!

Heather Randles Ophir: Everything at Sage!!! I love that place!!

Paula Cottom: Arts Desire...Creative Collective has lovely things in Ignacio at Pacheco Plaza. They still have bowls for sale that benefit the Homeward Bound folks. Double whammy for gift giving.

Casey Reynolds: Charm for a charm bracelet that is representative of that little town most jewelry stores even small town have pandora

James Cottom: Pini Hardware...they have about everything for around the house

Jeni Harrison: All Season Soccer on Grant

Linda Kolosey: Five Little Monkeys

Leslie Hill Melodia: Powells' candy and Five Little Monkeys

Katie Hughes: Morris & Co. on Grant. By far my favorite store in Novato.

Monica Pettit Thompson: Sunset Foot Reflexology on Grant Ave!!! Amazing foot massages. Super nice people. Great place to treat yourself or pick up a holiday gift certificate.

Robin Schaefer: Gift certificates from Double Eagle Fitness make great holiday gifts.

Julie Holleman Widergren: Matt and Jeff's!

Amy Jamison Oclassen: I second Sage Gallery and Matt & Jeff's - really great selections and community treasures, both.

Kristin Anderson: Gifts at Ideal Stationary.

Peter Serchia: I might be a little biased but I would have to say All Season Soccer

Julie Bickel: Vintage-inspired hostess aprons by Vintage Jules at Grant Avenue Florist!

Maureen O'Brien Moffett: I just bought two gifts at the new boutique in Pacheco Plaza, Carolina. Love that shop!

Heidi Lane Mortensen: I so miss Feathered Nest...especially at this time of year.............

Super Fresh Art Gallery: SAGE!!

Lauren M Terk: Lets not forget making donations to local nonprofits in the name of a friend or family member.

Gary Howell: Of course. A gift card from Dr. Insomniac's. Try our famous scuffins or have a burger.

Kebby Kingsbury McInroy: So many good ideas! I want to toot my own horn, and say that Studio 4 Art has many gifts for children and art supplies for adults (Just expanded this session too, so lots more to choose from. BUT, we also love the idea of a gift certificate. That way, anyone, young and old, can come in and create on the wheel, or paint, or sew, or sculpt with clay, or even make a mosaic!

Lisa Otto Hobson: Sage Gallery and Morris & Co. are my two favorite stores for grownup gifts and 5 Little Monkeys for kids!

Susan Levin White: LOVE Morris and Co....beautiful housewares and gifts and a variety of price ranges. Candles, too.

Christina Gilson: Always Pampered gift certificates. Awesome!

Esperanza Zaragoza: Ideal Stationers. Love it. Specially for kids!!!

Kristen Westover McAndrew: Indian Valley Golf Course! Gift certificates, breakfast or lunch! Beautiful views!!

Susan Massagli: Alice Becker, Pini's gift certificate. The store I loved, now gone was Feathered Nest. Gift certificate at Pete's Barber Shop. Joy is the best hair cutter in town for women and men. It's lots of fun there also.

Kai Karen Lancaster: I was in Whosoever last weekend and found a ton of awesome books (not just Bibles).

Stephanie Brandelius: Studio4Art gift cert, class or hand-created gift!!

Pam Haessly: I agree with all the above but would also have to add to the list, the gift shop at Novato Community Hospital. They have clothes, watches and many small gifts. Not sure what I'd buy, but I know for sure I'd find something, and most likely the gift would be to and for me! As for a more elegant gift, I would definitely purchase many things at SAGE GALLERY on Grant!!

Novato Chess Club (HYA): Moylan's Kiltlifter Scotch Ale "Home Brew Kit" for $30, the best gift a man can receive...

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