Jul 30, 2014
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Springtime in Novato--A new Awakening

Springtime in Novato--A new Awakening
I think I got it.  I think there is a Grand Plan---I think "Jerry" in his rebuke to me --"Where have you been?"--"Did you just get in to town?"--has awakened in me a curiosity that has just lead me to think that maybe---just maybe --I am on to something.  I watched the City Council "railroad" in the "Grand Central Station"---I was in Awe that they had not----and would not--do ANY Citizen outreach!  Virtually no one knows that we are going to have a new 5 MILLION dollar bus station---because--citizens were NOT notified or asked what they thought.  I have put that together with the TRAIN station being at Fireman's Fund---thinking maybe there was a back room deal between FF and the City---but now I think maybe these 2 things are just a piece of the puzzle.  What do YOU think?  Can we add the North Redwood  Corridor discussion to the puzzle?  Did our city just reach agreement with the state on "Affordable Housing"?  Is that the ultimate reason we need a Train Station North of Town?  A Grand Central Bus Station--coming to town without your input---with the ability to transport the population of Novato in a single day--because there is a stealth "grand plan"--to increase housing beyond any of our expectations?  Does it make sense that a  "Corte Madera" type complex might make the Train and Bus Station make sense?  What do you think?  Not to be harsh here but is there another reason that any of this makes sense?

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