Jul 28, 2014

Pet of the Week: Little Loki

This week's featured pet, a kitten named "Loki," fought for his life and now he needs a good home.

Pet of the Week: Little Loki

Before contacting the Sammy Foundation, a Hollywood man saw a very small kitten who was with his mother and three siblings. The kitten was half the size of the rest of the litter and the man said the kitten was crying constantly, as if it was uncomfortable and possibly sick. So, the kitten earned his name, "Loki" because he was very loquacious, or excessively talkative.

As the man watched the litter, he witnessed a moment that played out like a scene from a Hollywood film. Since Loki was so loud, a predator would easily find the mother and her kittens. So, the mother picked Loki up by the scruff of his neck and put him in a box that was too tall for him to climb. With her other three kittens, the mother left little Loki behind.

The Sammy Foundation immediately began treating Loki from the moment he entered into their care. He was anemic and covered with fleas. He also had bad diarrhea from coccidia, a type of parasite, and tapeworms. The staff at the Sammy Foundation said that he must have been terribly uncomfortable because he was bloated and barely slept for the first week he was there. The staff said he cried nonstop.

The team that worked with Loki said he almost passed away two nights in a row due to dehydration and was saved only by emergency visits to get fluids back in his system.

He had to be fed every two hours to keep up with the nutrients he was constantly losing. But, after 10 days of medication, the staff at the Sammy Foundation had rid him of coccidia and tapeworms. The trouble was he still could not digest kitten milk, which was the only thing he would eat.

Finally, with the help of anti-diarrhea medicine, he is able to sleep. His feedings are still every three hours, but it seems he is finding some peace.

The hard-working team at the Sammy Foundation said Loki needs more delicate care, but he will hopefully be ready for adoption in four weeks. He is still very young, but the foundation said he is a true fighter who needs a forever home. After all, doesn't every Hollywood film deserve a "happily ever after?"

If you are interested in adopting Loki, please visit the Sammy Foundation in Pacific Palisades, located at the . You may also visit the Sammy Foundation website by clicking here.

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