Jul 28, 2014
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St. Patrick's Day Drinks: Whiskey Mint

If you'd like more than just a green beer, watch our video about how to make a cocktail perfect for the season.

Perhaps you're an early bird when it comes to St. Patrick's Day—already diving into a tall glass of green beer. But if you're looking for a drink to enjoy after you've hit your quota of Irish brews, Patch has some festive alternatives.

On Friday, Palisadian author and mixologist showed us —a twist on a Bloody Mary. On St. Paddy's Day, she has something a bit more minty fresh to add to the celebration, a Whiskey Mint. This drink is a lucious, creamy drink—which might just be the perfect nightcap for the occasion.

Catapano is the author of This Girl Walks Into a Bar: A Woman's Guide to Bartending.

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