Jul 28, 2014
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POLICE BLOTTER: Drugs, Drunks and Domestic Disputes

A review of reported crimes from the Palm Desert Police Department, which is staffed by sheriff’s deputies.

POLICE BLOTTER: Drugs, Drunks and Domestic Disputes

Tuesday, April 17 

11:43 p.m.:  Officers arrested Thomas Larimer, 30, from Palm Desert, on outstanding warrants for possession of drugs for sale at Painter's Path and Highway 111. 

Monday, April 16 

12:10 p.m.: Officers arrested Jerry Trejo, 25, from Palm Desert, for public intoxication at the shopping mall. 

Sunday, April 15 

2:27 a.m.: Officers responded to the regarding a domestic dispute. Elizabeth Palafox, 31, from Sherman Oaks, was arrested for domestic battery. 

Saturday, April 14

3:52 a.m.:  Officers arrested Max Eulenstein, 24, from San Francisco, for possession of Ecstasy pills at the .

5:14 p.m.: Officers responded to a traffic collision at the intersection of Fred Waring Drive and Deep Canyon Road. Karen Zak, 61, from Palm Desert, for driving under the influence.

8:00 p.m.:  The Palm Desert Station Burglary Suppression Unit assisted officers with a theft investigation occurring at . The suspect was identified as Steven Williams, 27, from Palm Desert. Williams was arrested for burglary, possession of stolen property, credit card fraud and theft of lost property. 

Friday, April 13 

2:19 a.m.: Officers responded to at 44840 Monterey Avenue for a hit and run traffic collision. An officer spotted the vehicle on College and Frank Sinatra and conducted a traffic stop. Emmanuel Cota, age 27 of Palm Desert, was arrested for DUI. No prosecution was desired for the hit and run.

10:05 a.m.:  Officers arrested Anthony Lamar Perkins, 29, from Whitewater, for public intoxication at Alessandro Drive and San Jose Avenue. 

Thursday, April 12 

No report filed. 

Wednesday, April 11 

11:20 a.m.: Officers responded to the 73500 block of Catalina Way regarding a domestic disturbance. Jose Luis Aguilere, 35, from Palm Desert, was arrested for being under the influence of a controlled substance.

5:53 p.m.:  Officers responded to at Portola Avenue and Hwy 111 about a suspicious person. Tino Soriano, 30, from Coachella, was contacted and then fled on foot. It was determined Soriano was a parolee at large and had a no-bail warrant. Soriano was captured a short distance away and arrested for his warrant. 

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