Jul 26, 2014

Bishops Implore People of All Faiths to Pray for Rain

Bishops hope that divine intervention will fill California's reservoirs.

Bishops Implore People of All Faiths to Pray for Rain
By Joan Dentler

In addition to good health, world peace, and a 49ers win on Sunday, Catholic bishops in California are asking the faithful to add one more thing to their prayer lists---rain.

At a conference of bishops in Sacramento on Tuesday, the bishops called for some divine intervention as reservoirs dip, and the state begins its third consecutive dry winter, according to the  San Jose Mercury News.

The California Conference of Catholic Bishops asked people of all faiths to pray for rain at Tuesday's annual gathering. 

The  Merc quotes Sacramento Bishop Jaime Soto, president of the bishop's conference as asking God to "open the heavens and let His mercy rain down upon our fields and mountains."

Not enough to build an ark, mind you, but a dousing that will keep reservoirs at a healthy level and help Californians avoid another drought. State water managers say that without rain, only five percent of the water needed by agencies that supply water to 25 million Californians and nearly a million acres of farmland will be delivered. 

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