Jul 29, 2014
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NASA Ames Under Scrutiny for Google Planes (Again)

Reports show that the tech giant finds proximity of planes to headquarters well worth the price.

NASA Ames Under Scrutiny for Google Planes (Again)

A local Bay Area investigative news unit has found that a Google Inc. subsidiary may have an unfair advantage in its use of airfields and hangers out at NASA Ames.

NBC reports that H211 pays $113,365.74 per month to park six airplanes at Moffett Federal Air Field, which is administered by NASA. H211 is named for the hanger.

NASA Ames came under scrutiny again last year when the group Consumer Watchdog reported that no other companies or organizations have been allowed to use the airfields, despite their offer to pay comparable money for the priviledge to do so.

The proximity of Google's Mountain View headquarters makes Moffett Field a convenient place to fly, since it's currently 2.5 miles away.

Besides the use of the hangar and airfields however, Google has other partnerships with NASA Ames. It plans to build a new Google campus on NASA Ames' side of Stevens Creek. To get there, Google .

If the Crittenden Lane bridge is built, it could decrease the distance to the airfields by at least half.


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