Jul 29, 2014
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Palo Alto Escapes Record High Temps Seen Elsewhere

The nation's cities recorded over 15,000 record high temperature readings in March.

Palo Alto Escapes Record High Temps Seen Elsewhere


Ah, the relief of a cool ocean breeze. Well, at least on a day when the rest of Santa Clara County is baking, as often happens in our Summer.

But give thanks to nature's air conditioning if you like relief from the heat, especially during last month. The rest of the country had it far worse.

A just-released National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration study concludes more than 15,000 warm weather records were broken in the United States in March. You can see a breakdown of the states where it really heated up, at least for March, in the graphic we've attached to this article. And a day-to-day YouTube display is also attached for you.

Santa Clara County escaped the month without a single warm weather record being broken. There were 26 records topped in California, 19 tied, especially on a particularly warm day March 4. Santa Cruz hit 83 degrees that day, and it was 91 in Long Beach.

In fact, our average maximum temperature for March in Palo Alto was 73 degrees.

Why did we escape the heat? Well, according to NOAA, "a persistent weather pattern led to 25 states east of the Rockies having their warmest March on record. An additional 15 states had monthly temperatures ranking among their ten warmest."

NOAA goes on to say that the same pattern brought cooler-than-average conditions to the West Coast, to Washington, Oregon, and California.

Rain is expected today and for most of the week. Our temperatures will struggle to hit 70 degrees for the next ten days according to The Weather Channel.

So bundle up and give a call to your friends back East. They may be in shorts and tanktops by now.

Said one Facebook user in Wisconsin: "This winter was one we'll probably never see again. I was riding my motorcycle with only a T-shirt on March 17th and 18th in Coleman Wi. about 45 miles north of Green Bay. Go global warming."

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