Jul 26, 2014

Stanford Student to Announce Run for Office

Stockton man builds on years of public service, including internship in Obama White House.

A 21-year-old Stanford student will soon test his mettle in a race for Stockton City Council.

Michael Tubbs, who is at Stanford on a full scholarship, will announce his candidacy February 20 at the Van Buskirk Community Center in Stockton, according to a statement released by Tubbs' campaign today.

“Tubbs is a breath of political fresh air,” reads the statement. “The son of an incarcerated father and a teenaged mother, Michael was educated in Stockton schools before garnering a full ride scholarship to Stanford University.

“Now poised to graduate from Stanford University with both his bachelor’s degree with honors and his Master’s in Policy, Organization, and Leadership studies, he is well equipped to serve the city that has nurtured him.”

Tubbs has served on Stockton boards and commission for years, and has worked in the Obama White House on strategy for engaging with mayors and city councils, according to the statement.

Tubbs also co-founded the Summer Success and Leadership Academy at the University of the Pacific and is founder and executive director of The Phoenix Scholars, a state-wide non-profit organization that has helped more than 300 high school students apply and matriculate into college, according to the statement.

“Michael has committed his life’s work to public service,” the statement reads. “The impetus behind all of his experiences and accomplishments is his desire to create opportunities and positive outcomes for his community. A true son of Stockton, Michael eagerly welcomes the challenge and is humbled at the opportunity to serve his community as the councilman for District 6.”

More information about Stubbs’ campaign can be found here.

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