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Talking to Your Newborn Increases IQ!

Talking to Your Newborn Increases IQ!
Welcome to my blog! I'm excited to share this information with you.

Talk to Your Newborn and Raise Your Baby's IQ
Perhaps it comes naturally for you to talk to your newborn baby about most anything that crosses your mind. Or, perhaps you have never really thought about talking to a person who cannot yet hold a conversation with you. You might be surprised to learn how important it is to simply talk to your baby ... a lot!

Reading and Talking
You are probably already aware that reading to your baby stimulates brain development, helps your baby differentiate the sounds and intonation of your language(s), and makes it easier for your baby to imitate language(s) when needed. And, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), not only is reading to your baby highly beneficial, but the less formal times of sharing everyday "conversations" with your baby are very important too. You can enhance your baby's brain development and have a smarter baby just by talking to your baby. That's amazing! You can discover more about the AAP's findings in their article " The Secret to a Smarter Baby." 

There's More
There's another interesting article, shared by a colleague of mine, that documents the importance of talking to your newborn. Apparently the continuous monologue that you can have with your baby ... It feels a little cooler today. Let's grab a sweater to keep you warm. Listen to the dog barking ... I wonder if someone is coming to visit! ... is extremely important and has the power to increase your baby's IQ! According to Tina Rosenberg's article in the New York Times " The Power of Talking to Your Baby" (based on the research of Hart and Risley, University of Kansas, 1995) "the greater the number of words children heard from their parents or caregivers before they were 3, the higher their IQ and the better they did in school. TV Talk not only didn't help, it was detrimental." Simple, direct, and remarkable.

More is More
So in this second article, it is emphasized that the more words your baby hears, the greater the increase in your baby's IQ. This seems like such a simple thing to do ... yet it has such a profound impact. Now you (and everyone you share this information with) can intentionally help your baby have a more positive outcome in life. Having a higher IQ has its advantages ... for a lifetime.

Your Attention
The last line of Rosenberg's comment is valuable because hearing your words, not those of any TV program, are the language and sounds that make a difference. I believe this significant difference is influenced by the attention that goes along with the words you share with your baby. Paying attention to your newborn while sharing the events of the day in a streamed monologue is one very easy way to give your baby the best start in life. Your words and attention are very powerful.

You can choose to give your newborn a brighter future by talking to your baby ... a lot.

For you and yours,

D. Fravert, RN

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