Jul 28, 2014
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Please "LIKE" Me On Facebook--Here's Why!

Come aboard my NYR Organic-US Independent Consultant extension Facebook page showcase of the finest and purest certified organic health, beauty and aromatherapy that money can buy--Must READ!

Please "LIKE" Me On Facebook--Here's Why! Please "LIKE" Me On Facebook--Here's Why! Please "LIKE" Me On Facebook--Here's Why! Please "LIKE" Me On Facebook--Here's Why!

Please "Like" my Facebook fan page:   https://www.facebook.com/DonnaNYROrganicIndependentConsultant

Here's why:

Not only am I a local business, but, in my capacity as an Indep. Consultant for the  internationally recognized, Soil Association certified organic, British holistic health, beauty and aromatherapy brand Icon, Neal's Yard Remedies--I am your #1 source for tons of exciting information that you will find beneficial to your health, beauty and wellbeing. 

I post on lots of subjects that you may, (or may not), have otherwise even thought of on your own--but that you will find very valuable to have at your fingertips! For instance, the valuable information you will find here:

NYR Natural News:  http://www.nyrnaturalnews.com

A Little Bit About Me: 

After my second trip to London in '08, this time for 6 months, I began to realize how much better Europe's awareness is of the world and how much more connected they are to nature and the environment; for example, London, of course is a big city, but unlike big cities in California--within the confines of tall buildings and small boroughs, (neighborhoods), that are connected by bridges, city grime, and tourists--there are dozens of beautiful, wide-open green spaces set aside called "commons", or as we call them here: parks, some of which one might even get lost in they are so vast; and some, (quite often), are wooded with streams running through them and wildlife! 

Also, Neal's Yard Remedies, my British parent, partnered with, (and donates to), Mom's Across America, a non-profit-GMO awareness project organization calling for the labeling of foods that are made with GMO ingredients; so, for those of you who are concerned about getting GMOs labeled--I promise I will keep you informed about the progress of that effort--in addition--to Neal's Yard Remedies ongoing efforts to help Save the Bees from extinction campaign, via their exclusive BeeLovely body care range for "the whole hive". For every Bee Lovely product sold at all Neal's Yard Remedies shops and extensions, a 25₵ donation automatically goes to a bee-friendly project--How cool is that!!
Click the link for details:

Help Save the Bees video, presented by the Chairman/Owner of Neal's Yard Remedies:

So, come aboard my Independent Consultant NYR Organic-US extension Facebook page-showcase of the finest and purest health, beauty and aromatherapy from the experts at therapy room Neal's Yard Remedies; or, just for all the valuable, useful information from the pioneers of holistic, Soil Association certified organic health, beauty and aromatherapy!  

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