Jul 26, 2014
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Tell It To Santa

Petaluma business owner Maureen McGuigan is sprinkling a little holiday magic by inviting local children to send their letters to Santa

Tell It To Santa


Who still writes letters in the 21st century?

Santa Claus, that’s who.

For three years, Mail Depot owner Maureen McGuigan, known to friends as “Mo,” has been sprinkling a little holiday magic on Petaluma children in the form of a letter writing campaign.

Children are invited to pen a letter to Santa and deposit it in the special mail drop inside the store by December 21. (Be sure to include a return address.)

McGuigan responds to each one, typing out the letters on her computer, then signing ‘Santa’ with the flourish of a red pen. Presents are not included.

“It’s fun to read kids’ letters,” says McGuigan, whose Mail Depot is known as much as a community gathering spot (coffee, pastries, outdoor seating area) as a place to send a package.

“I pour myself a glass of wine and start writing. A lot of the times I know the parents, so I’ll write something in there about the family.”

One year, McGuigan received a request for 365 gifts from one child, she recalls, laughing. “I try to be realistic and explain that there are a lot of kids in the world and Santa can only bring one gift per kid. It’s great to see what types of things kids write.”

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