Jul 30, 2014
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From PHS: It's the April 'Highlander Patch' Day

What's on the minds of Piedmont High School students? Check out these stories from PHS student journalists

From PHS: It's the April 'Highlander Patch' Day

By Marguerite Cauchois
Managing Editor, The Piedmont Highlander

Next up in The Piedmont Highlander, a closer look at PHS sports, opinions about twitter, the truth about STAR testing and more.

Check out my three picks from our April issue. From the opinions section, hear what junior Will Corvin has to say about the KONY 2012 video. In the campus section, learn about the effects of the KONY video on PHS students. From news, read about a touching quilt project for science teacher Eileen Rohmer.

All this and more can be read in The Piedmont Highlander, available on
Wednesday, April 4 at Piedmont High School and Mulberry's Market.

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