Jul 30, 2014
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Know of a New Business? Tell Patch About It

Fill out this form to tell Patch about local businesses opening or closing.

Know of a New Business? Tell Patch About It

In early October,  Patch will launch a new business column that tracks store openings and closings in the Berkeley, Albany and Piedmont area.

This monthly column, called Sprouts & Shutters, welcomes submissions from local residents.

Whether you're a business owner about to open a new establishment or a local resident who noticed a "Coming Soon" or "Out-of-Business" sign, please tell us about it using this simple form.

We'll also use the information to update our directory, which offers local businesses a free listing. 

Click on the following links to find the business directory that covers your hometown:


If you have questions, please email Patch Business Columnist Julie Dowling at juliedpatch@gmail.com.

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