Jul 28, 2014
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Passing it On

     Broke your leg?  Had back surgery?  Temporarily wheelchair bound?  What will you do with those crutches, that walker, the wheelchair when you don't need them?  Will they sit in your closet till the next accident or surgery?
     There's a better place for that orthopedic and post-surgery equipment on 27th street, behind First Presbyterian Church.  That's where ReCARES is, an organization that passes on crutches, canes, walkers, wheelchairs, shower chairs, adult briefs, all the things temporarily disabled people no longer use, to those who need them - FREE.  Tucked away under the church, in a spot you can drive to and unload or load these essential accessories, is a small warehouse, stocked entirely of donated supplies.
     Those of you who read this column on a regular basis know I had back surgery last summer.  When I was fully recovered, I had a walker and a cane taking up space in my closet.  Then I discovered a pair of crutches left over from a broken leg I suffered a few years ago.  When I asked around among my friends and neighbors, I found others had similar idle equipment in their storage space.  So I loaded up the car and hauled everything down to ReCARES on a recent Thursday afternoon.  Now my friends and I have more closet space and someone can get the equipment they need for mobility.  Everybody wins.
     What a great service this organization provides to the community.  Thank you, ReCARES.
      Do you have things to donate?  Do you need equipment to improve your mobility?  Come by on Thursdays 12 to 4 or call 510-251-2273 to leave a message.

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