23 Aug 2014
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Taking the Measure of Measure A

Measure A, the proposed sewer tax surcharge on Piedmont's Feb. 7 ballot, continues to be a hot-button issue

Taking the Measure of Measure A

Editor's note: Piedmont Patch does not endorse local candidates or take a position on local ballot measures. We are committed to providing a forum where viewers can express a variety of opinions through letters to the editor and comments on articles.

Measure A, the proposed sewer tax surcharge on the Feb. 7 Piedmont Municipal Election ballot, continues to generate a lively debate among local voters. Controversy has surrounded both the details of the measure itself and coverage in the local press.

Today we've gathered together some new links, letters and articles on both issues.

The measure would impose a 50 percent surcharge on the existing sewer parcel tax for 10 years to fund replacement of about 40 percent of the city's aging sanitary sewer system. (Roughly 60 percent of the system has already been replaced.)

Passage would cost Piedmont home owners somewhere between $200 and $500 a year.

New on Piedmont Patch today (Jan. 30):

The Measure A 'Counterpoints' and a Bit of Controversy. A memo from City of Piedmont staff that has caused a stir; includes the complete memo and comments from City Manager Geoffrey Grote.

Letter to the Editor: EPA Administrator's Letter in Piedmont Post. Rick Schiller, author of the arguments against Measure A, takes issue with news coverage.

Letter to the Editor: Commenting on Piedmont Post Article on Measure A. A letter from Thomas Clark, a Piedmont resident and opponent of Measure A, also talking about news coverage.

New on Piedmont Civic Association website:

Confused Yet? PCA Explains Sewer Surcharge Issues. An unsigned, detailed editorial discussing Measure A.

Previous coverage on Piedmont Patch:

Pro & Con on Measure A, the Sewer Tax Surcharge. Michael Rancer and Rick Schiller, who spoke respectively for and against Measure A at the recent League of Women Voters candidates' night, provided copies of their remarks to Piedmont Patch. The article also contains links to numerous sources of information and opinion on the measure,

The Piedmont Post has also run several articles on Measure A, but its stories are not available online.

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