Jul 30, 2014

(Just Like) Starting Over: Tips for Re-Starting an Exercise Regimen

Fitness columnist Dan Taylor is back with more tips and encouragement for a healthful lifestyle

(Just Like) Starting Over: Tips for Re-Starting an Exercise Regimen

I’m back!

Like a fighter who can’t stay away from the sport he loves, I am resuming my weekly wellness column for the Patch. Fortunately, the editor thought it was a good idea, and since I’ve met and had great feedback about the column from several readers since I went on hiatus, I’m hoping you feel the same, and that like the proverbial slugger, I’ll know when it’s time to hang it up for good!

A colleague who knows me well and is always a great source of inspiration suggested a good topic for this first one back: Re-starting an exercise program.

How should you do it? What should you do? Which elements should you change from the last time you tried to make this a habit that sticks?

Here are a few points that should help improve your probability of long-term success:

  • Start fresh with a blank slate. Don’t judge yourself on past false starts or dropped resolutions. Cultivating a life-long habit of exercise is a journey and a weeding-out process. Honor that process and keep working toward the end-goal with faith and an open mind.
  • Remove (or work around) the biggest obstacle that has thwarted your efforts in the past. Was it time? Drop, delegate or share some responsibilities you’ve shouldered solo up until now. Motivation? Keep it positive. The goal of losing ten pounds won’t make you a life-long exerciser. Wanting a better quality of life and to look and feel as great as you can for the rest of your life will.
  • Treat each workout like an important work meeting or a lunch with a dear friend who needs your help. Because it’s really both, isn’t it?

Want to talk in-person? I’m usually at the studio http://trivalleytrainer.com/ and can always be reached at Dan@TriValleyTrainer.com .

Do you have plans to re-start an exercise program? Tell us in the comments.

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