23 Aug 2014
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Discussion Over PUSD Bond Controversy Continues

Fox & Friends interviews Poway resident about locals’ reaction, and a ‘concerned Poway citizen’ starts a Facebook page.

Discussion Over PUSD Bond Controversy Continues Discussion Over PUSD Bond Controversy Continues

Media across the country continue to analyze the controversial capital appreciation bond.

appeared on Fox & Friends this week and discussed the impacts of the bond with host Gretchen Carlson. Appearing above a headline that read “CA Taxpayers Torched,” Carlson asked Tally what the public learned after the bond’s terms were disclosed by Voice of San Diego.

“What we found out is that it really wasn’t for the children, it was for the investors,” Tally answered. “This is a 9-to-1 payoff.”

View the interview here on Fox News.com.

The issue even has its own Facebook page, which was created on Saturday by “a concerned Poway citizen.” Titled “Thanks a Billion,” the page had 63 “likes” as of Wednesday afternoon.

The PUSD used a capital appreciation bond to borrow $105 million in 2011 that won’t begin to be paid off until 2033 and will cost $982 million to pay off. A story posted on Voice of San Diego last week began the debate on the bond, which the district released two days later.

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