23 Aug 2014
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Prime Poway Woman No. 29: Elizabeth Segil

Segil volunteers helping Boy Scouts reach their potential.

Prime Poway Woman No. 29: Elizabeth Segil

Young people working their way toward becoming an Eagle Scout have a friend in Elizabeth Segil, who works as a volunteer liaison helping scouts that are looking for a project in Poway.

A Poway resident since 1992, Segil says working with the Boy Scouts has been a wonderful way to enjoy local youth and to see them grow from young boys, giddy about learning Dutch oven cooking and setting up their first tent, to deadly serious about first aid and knife sharpening. 

Segil said she is perhaps most proud of the establishment of Venture Crew 109, a high adventure co-ed group, ages 14-21.  It is a branch of Boy Scouts of America, but this group allows Segil to help young women learn how to hike, backpack and camp.

While it took a little time to learn how to integrate herself into a mostly male area, she said most of the men she works with are just happy to have another cohort in adventure.

“It is always a little bit of a test to show others that I do know about backpacking, and have them realize that I am not afraid of snakes, spiders, or afraid to patch up a first-aid need,” she said.

What does Women’s History Month mean to you?

“Women’s History month is a wonderful way to show our community the group of dedicated and amazing women. Our skills and interests are varied, and we help in areas that often can be seeming less important but have a profound impact on our community and the people that live here. I am sure that their impact often goes far beyond the immediate area and to ‘pay it forward’ becomes a goal that has a tremendous ripple effect.”

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