15 Sep 2014
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Letter to the Editor: Blackout Questions Remain

The blackout last year left close to 3 million people without power.

Letter to the Editor: Blackout Questions Remain

Now that the Federal commission has published its —which states that poor planning, failure to share critical information and a series of human errors led to the massive blackout in September that plunged a swath of Southern California, Arizona and Baja California into darkness—I was wondering if some of the local experts would like to change their assumption “a single individual was responsible” to “a single operator was just the trigger that brought out the weakness of the system.”

As many pointed out, if a single event, such as an operator error, could bring down the grid, it was a systemic problem that was the case.

Another example of coming to a conclusion with one data point before knowing all the facts, which is what has occurred in the Zimmerman/Martin case.

— Tom Yarnall

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