Jul 26, 2014

$409.61 donated to FORUS roof project!

$409.61 donated to FORUS roof project!

Richardson Recycling has received $409.61 worth of recycled materials from an anonymous junk supplier!  The donor asked that the payment be made to FORUS roof project to help fix the leaky roofs at Ramona schools.  Thank you Anonymous donor!

Richardson Recycling has opened a FORUS account for anyone in Ramona to bring in recyclable materials to donate!  This is an opportunity for all of Ramona individuals and businesses to clean up their yards and offices and put the money to good work.

Up to 50% of Ramona’s school roofs leak and the school district does not have enough money to replace them all.  FORUS roof project is working toward collecting $20K to hire roofers to fix the stubborn leaks.  Already we have collected more than $9,000 toward our goal from our very generous citizens.

We applaud Richardson Recycling and ask that other businesses put their creative hats on to help FORUS make the school environment better.  Good schools make for a good community!

OK Ramona, clean up your recyclable materials and donate the proceeds to FOURS, at Richardson Recycling!

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