Jul 29, 2014

Calling all campers!

Get your kids off the couch and out of your hair at a local camp this summer.

Calling all campers!

While school-age children look forward to summer from the second day of school on, parents are usually not as enthusiastic about the prospect of unsupervised minors running amok for two-plus months.

Instead of shipping kids off to some hapless relative or paying through the nose for extended babysitting, you can try these local day camps and summer camps as a way to entertain, educate and inspire your children while keeping them professionally supervised.

Sleep-away camps at nearby Camp Winacka or Camp Whispering Oaks are not just for girl scouts—all girls are invited to choose from a variety of specialty camps based on their interests, such as swimming, horse back riding or sports.  Registration is open now.

Kids can meet new friends, challenge themselves with fun adventures, and enjoy great food and fellowship at this church-sponsored camp.  Registration is open now.

The Ramona branch’s summer day camp can provide a fun and inspiring atmosphere for kids, while they learn about leadership and cooperation. Registration begins in May.

JAMZ offers customized curriculums, stunt techniques, dance routines and a staff-to-student ratio that could give cheerleaders an edge before the next school year.  Registration is open now.

Kids will learn a variety of artistic techniques and expand their portfolio during a fun and colorful camp.  Registration begins April 19.

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